Googlebot Support Javascript Redirects In Evergreen Version

Googlebot Support Javascript Redirects

Have you ever think Google can handle JavaScript. Yes, Googlebot can detect JavaScript redirects.

During the I/O developer conference in May, Google announced that its web crawler, Googlebot will be evergreen, in which it signifies it will be always up to date with the latest version of Chromium. This update enables Googlebot to crawl newest websites and access features that modern browsers can access including ES6 and newer JavaScript features, Intersection Observer for lazy-loading and Web Components v1 APIs.

In earlier times to the evergreen version of Googlebot, using JavaScript might’ve enforced brands to compromise practicality or user expertise so that Chromium, the dated version of Googlebot might truly render the content. This additionally left loopholes for malicious actors to use ways, like sneaky redirects, to send viewers to pages that are concealed from Google. But because of the latest update of Googlebot, it is capable of rendering newest JavaScript options, brands can easily make use of it not having to worry regarding whether or not it’ll negatively impact their SEO.

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