Google’s Recent Announcement Nofollow Hint Change- How it affects SEO?

Google SEO update 2019

As we know that websites automatically place nofollow links on all links. This makes what some say is biased state, now  Google’s announced a major change to how nofollow links are counted which opens up the chance of website getting the link equity and a ranking increase they deserve. Earlier nofollow links were considered as a directive, which means Google obeyed the nofollow, period. Nowadays, for ranking functions, Google is treating nofollow as just a hint. This implies that Google can decide whether or not to use the link for ranking functions or not. This modification impacts on-page SEO, link building, link spam, and content marketing. 

 The web has evolved plenty as nofollow was introduced in 2005 and now‘s the time for nofollow to evolve furthermore.  Google so announces 2 new link attributes which deliver extra formats to webmasters to signal the nature of specific links in Google search. These along with nofollow are defined below:

rel = “sponsored”: Use the sponsored attribute to spot links on your web site that were created as a part of ads, sponsorships, or different paid partnerships.

rel = “ugc”: UGC stands for User Generated Content and also the worth of the ugc attribute is usually recommended for links inside user-generated content like comments and forum posts.

rel = “nofollow”: Use this attribute for cases wherever you would like to link to 1 page, however it doesn’t imply any reasonable recommendation, as well as transferring rating credit to a different page. All these link attributes like   –ugc, sponsored and nofollow are treated as indications of that links to think about or exclude in Search. Google can currently use the following tips in conjunction with different signals, as some way to higher perceive the way to properly analyze and use links in their systems. So this announcement of Google changes how links for ranking functions are calculated. This change affected the links that were arbitrarily nofollow may now count.  However, this change also increases the link spam. This is surely an opening for some to start selling nofollow links.

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